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Chicken eggs, goose eggs.

Selling most Fridays starting at 2 p.m., Earlysville Exchange/Earlysville garage . Look for EGGS sign. Sale dates/times always current on facebook. Farm direct PICK UP AVAILABLE 7 days a week via text. Contact the farmer for a time/availability and they will be waiting for you in the cooler at the farm.  434-409-8557

Eggs are $7 per dozen cash or check to Jolly Folly Farm


Although we often sell Friday afternoons in the Earlysville Exchange parking lot, but please always check if you're unsure about the date/time. If the on-farm egg hut has been popular that week, we may not have large enough inventory to warrant setting up at the parking lot -- but you can ALWAYS get yours farm direct with a quick text!

Please tell your friends and neighbors about Jolly Folly Farm eggs and how to find our sale date/times here or on FB.

We also offer jams and jellies made from fruits and veg we grow ourselves.  That means they also are herbicide and pesticide free.  We also have t-shirts to show your Earlysville pride and your support of local farming. We are grateful to our new customers and love our loyal customers who spread the word to co-workers, friends and neighbors.  

From the bottom of our little chicken hearts -- THANK YOU!!!

We hope you can come buy from us soon and CARPE OVUM!


Welcome to Jolly Folly Farm

Host to the JoFoFa "forever flock," meaning our hens have a retirement program and fully live out their natural life long after their prime laying years are over.  Our birds freely roam 16 acres and are fed on non-gmo organic feed. In addition to laying hens,  we have geese and rescue equine.  Selling eggs, jams (made from organic fruit and veg we grow ourselves) and farm-tastic t-shirts on Wednesdays  from1:30 p.m. onward in the parking lot of the Earlysville Exchange.   Porch pick-up available other days through call or text.  434-409-8557

Contact Us

(434) 409-8557

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Our Background

About Our Company

In 2015 we felt led to purchase a property near us. On the surface, it didn't make sense. It was lunacy to mortgage ourselves beyond the grave with 2 loans at our age with our commitments. We spent the next year-- every night and every weekend, every free moment, fixing up the house. For whom, we weren't sure, but we knew God had a plan for someone who needed it. He did. The year after that, we spent every free moment yanking out barbed wire and installing fencing. We knew the land had a purpose to help people and animals in some way, and it did. The land's purpose still continues to reveal itself and we are excited to see what is to come.

It was sometime in 2016 that we began referring to it as "The farm" and it soon became "Jolly Folly Farm." Financial and relationship experts would have told us that jumping when God says jump wasn't a good decision. However, what seems folly in the eyes of man, is something more in the plans of God. We are well aware that this all may go bottoms-up at any moment, but we know God has helped us through many more failures in our lives than successes and our job is just to "do the next thing." He sends us people or animals or tasks, He gives us opportunities and takes them away. Our only responsibility is to not screw it up.

This happy lunacy, this slice of Earth wedged between the Blue Ridge Mountains and our heart, has received the greatest portion of our physical and financial abilities as we pass middle age. However, in our efforts to restore it, we ourselves were restored. Our work is still constant, our reward cannot be measured in any way that is seen by the eye, but within us we reap the peace of knowing that we are idiots, but our God is great and when we trust Him, He can see what we cannot.

We hope you, too, can find the plan God has for your Jolly Folly.

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